a_manu_ensis (a_manu_ensis) wrote in catalogers,

The library is a mess!

I am attempting to organize the text and non-text materials of a not-for-profit environmental organization.
The items include:
  • journals, shelved in alphabetical order by title
  • annual/environmental/research reports
  • submissions from the organization to government departments etc
  • textbooks and reference books - randomly shelved in no particular order
  • information sheets and pamphlets
  • newsletters from other organizations - shelved alphabetically (more-or-less) according to title
  • some DVDs and videos

There is no cataloguing system - I would like to create some sort of system so that users may find out what items are available, and where to find them on the shelves.

Are there any useful websites or links people could direct me to?

Is there any other useful advise people could offer?

Thank you.
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