Josie (aka_lusi) wrote in catalogers,

600, 650, 651 with imaginary stuff

I just had the following converstion on facebook, and wonder if anyone here might have something to add?  (The second part of the original statement refers to working along in my big ol' library....)

J wants to know if imaginary people go in the 600 field. And wishes someone else here cared about stuff like that.

Mat 5:28pm October 14 I want to say they do, but I don't have any cataloging guidelines beside me at the moment. [hangs head in shame]
Jat 7:14pm October 14
What about imaginary places? 651or 650? I'm so happy I know someone who understands my need to know the answer to this question! (A lot of the stuff I get from Follett has imaginary stuff in the 650s, but that just doesn't seem right to me...)
Mat 8:46pm October 14
Checked some of the records for things like Hercule Poirot -- 650 tag for "Poirot, Hercule (fictitious character)" -- and I found a 650 tag for "Narnia (imaginary place)" but that was for a book on the imaginary worlds of C.S. Lewis and not for "Chronicles of Narnia." You raised a good issue, Josie -- can there be a ... Read More651 (geographical location) for an imaginary place?
Jat 7:53am October 15
Yeah, I ran across it first with Harry Potter and Hogwarts...I guess it's a decision of whimsy, and not many catalogers are known for their whimsy. :-)
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