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Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

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from my journal this week

At work the other day I joined a conversation with two coworkers about cleaning up bad bibliographic records in the library's online catalog. They were talking about how some records were merged during a batch add a few years back and got all jumbled up. I then made up a story of how I found what might be the worst record in the lot, how it had like five 246 title added entry fields and a few didn't even agree with each other. It had 856 fields with dead hyperlinks in it, an abstract from another work entirely, so many subfields that were made up or misplaced, or taken from a outdated version of MARC. I tried to go on and on on how crappy and overwhelmingly astoundingly awful the record was. My coworker asked the title so we could look it up and fix it.

I said "The Aristocrats!"
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