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Salary requirements? Vendor jobs?

Hi Y'all--

I'm a library paraprofessional that is being laid off from a job I dearly love (after being one class in in my MLS program). Yay budget cuts, right?

I'm getting ready to send my resume out nationally to a variety of places--mostly library vendors and academic libraries, which is not where my experience lies.

Two questions:
1. A lot of listings ask you to send your "salary requirements"--I'm terrified of sending a number and being turned down for asking too high. I'm flexible, I swear, I just want to keep working in my field. But at the same time I'm afraid of giving too low a number and getting taken advantage of. Has anybody ever had to do this? How do you negotiate a fair salary?
2. I'm a library paraprofessional with 3 yrs cataloging experience, and both supervisors above me would write glowing letters of recommendation. But all the jobs i've found in cataloging or tech services definitely want an MLS. Am I screwed? I'm planning to apply anyway, but would this hurt my chances later?

Bonus question: anybody here ever worked for a library vendor or for an ILS company? If so, how was your experience?

Thank you all for any help you can provide me. I found out the bad news Thursday and panic is starting to sink in.

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