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Background: I spent a little over five and a half years at a branch library, primarily in a circulation/basic technical services capacity. We used Polaris as our library software. My desired field was cataloging, but as a branch library, we went anything that needed cataloging to our parent library, where the technical services department performed the necessary work and sent it back to us. If we received a donation and it was already in our database (or, as we called it, "in the system"), I would process it/add it to the collection/link it. We used these terms interchangeably to mean the same thing, but I learned at my second job that these terms are not universal in libraries! *grins* Anyway, after I got my library degree and spent awhile looking, I ended up at my second job. I cataloged all of the materials, and we used the web based OCLC to import records and Innovative Millennium for editing records. I was there for a little over a year, and returned to my home library consortium system when I was offered a cataloging position at a separate library, but part of the same consortium.

The library I joined uses BookWhere to select records, MarcReport to edit the records, and Polaris to import the records. I am not certified within my library system as an official copy cataloger, which means that when I edit and import the records, I need to add a 999 field with my library code. The person who works with me IS certified as a copy cataloger, but has rarely used the software because the official cataloger (who I replaced) performed these tasks.

I've only been at the job for three days, but I'm having some difficulties with 1) understanding the advice on MarcReport and 2) importing the records on Polaris. I'm at home so I don't have my notes in front of me, or access to my work email address at this point, but essentially, when I try to load the record, it SHOULD go from pending to complete. Instead, it just remains locked.

Are there any kind catalogers who use this software whose brains I can pick? I can send virtual cookies as a reward!
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