Background: I spent a little over five and a half years at a branch library, primarily in a circulation/basic technical services capacity. We used Polaris as our library software. My desired field was cataloging, but as a branch library, we went anything that needed cataloging to our parent library, where the technical services department performed the necessary work and sent it back to us. If we received a donation and it was already in our database (or, as we called it, "in the system"), I would process it/add it to the collection/link it. We used these terms interchangeably to mean the same thing, but I learned at my second job that these terms are not universal in libraries! *grins* Anyway, after I got my library degree and spent awhile looking, I ended up at my second job. I cataloged all of the materials, and we used the web based OCLC to import records and Innovative Millennium for editing records. I was there for a little over a year, and returned to my home library consortium system when I was offered a cataloging position at a separate library, but part of the same consortium.

The library I joined uses BookWhere to select records, MarcReport to edit the records, and Polaris to import the records. I am not certified within my library system as an official copy cataloger, which means that when I edit and import the records, I need to add a 999 field with my library code. The person who works with me IS certified as a copy cataloger, but has rarely used the software because the official cataloger (who I replaced) performed these tasks.

I've only been at the job for three days, but I'm having some difficulties with 1) understanding the advice on MarcReport and 2) importing the records on Polaris. I'm at home so I don't have my notes in front of me, or access to my work email address at this point, but essentially, when I try to load the record, it SHOULD go from pending to complete. Instead, it just remains locked.

Are there any kind catalogers who use this software whose brains I can pick? I can send virtual cookies as a reward!

need a volunteer for a survey!

I'm writing a paper on the future of library services for a class on public libraries. I'd like to focus the paper on the future of cataloging in public libraries.

I need a volunteer to fill out a survey for this class. It should take you about 15-20 minutes--I just need your email address so I can send it as an attachment.

A few things I need from any participant:
1. I need to know the name and location of the library you work at. If you can send me the website, that would be great. This information is required because I'm supposed to include demographics on the area.

2. You need to have your Masters degree in library science.

3. You need to be working in a public library right now.

Thank you!

Multiple thesauri in catalog

I do authority control in a VERY large library system which has both research and circulating collections.

Any suggestions for handling multiple thesauri in one catalog?
We get MARCIVE records for GPO documents that may have headings for many different thesauri (MESH,  NASAT, DICT, LCSH, for example)
We have also started using GSAFD Genre headings in conjunction with LCSH as appropriate.  Anyone involved in creating crosswalks?

Suggestions for handling multiple language headings in one catalog BIDEX, RUM, SWD would also be welcome
(I am of the opinion that as an English language cataloging agency we should remove them so as not to create confusion, and strip them from records, however I do keep nonroman headings.)

the rebel angels

Job interviews

Has anyone had a written component to a cataloging librarian interview? I have one coming up and don't really know what to expect. I imagine it will be a cataloging exercise, but I was wondering if anybody has any experience with this sort of thing in interviews.

Cross-genre weirdness: New Audrey Niffenegger book

Classification question, public library oriented. Possibly only people who were able to pick up a copy at ALA will have an opinion on it, as the listed release date isn't until September 10.

WHERE are y'all PUTTING this thing? I am at a loss. I've handed it off to my supervisor to read and offer comment on, but I think he'll be just as divided as I am.

One thing I'm sure of is that I want it to circ. I want it to be seen. It's amazing. It's gorgeous. It made me cry.

In my library, we do not have a special section for graphic novels; anything graphic goes where it would go if it were text. So theoretically general adult fiction, but I'm not sure anyone would pick it up there. YA? Is it a YA book, really? I'm uncertain. It might see more circ in hardcover fantasy than anywhere else, but then again, it might just be lost there. I just DON'T KNOW. *flails*
lusi plane

bibiolographic knowledge question

I'm looking at a job posting and it asks for "bibliographic knowledge of at least one non-English language." How would you, oh dear actually employed catalogers, define this? I can sound out all the letters Cyrillic text, and understand easy stuff (children's books and the like), but this job most likely wouldn't have the successful candidate cataloging anything "easy." I assume that's not enough, but ya never know.

Is there an official definition? Or could you just give an off-the-cuff one?

Thanks so much!

(For some reason I keep flashing on Top Gun where Goose and Maverick are making the bet: "...carnal knowledge, of a woman this time.." or something along those lines.)

Salary requirements? Vendor jobs?

Hi Y'all--

I'm a library paraprofessional that is being laid off from a job I dearly love (after being one class in in my MLS program). Yay budget cuts, right?

I'm getting ready to send my resume out nationally to a variety of places--mostly library vendors and academic libraries, which is not where my experience lies.

Two questions:
1. A lot of listings ask you to send your "salary requirements"--I'm terrified of sending a number and being turned down for asking too high. I'm flexible, I swear, I just want to keep working in my field. But at the same time I'm afraid of giving too low a number and getting taken advantage of. Has anybody ever had to do this? How do you negotiate a fair salary?
2. I'm a library paraprofessional with 3 yrs cataloging experience, and both supervisors above me would write glowing letters of recommendation. But all the jobs i've found in cataloging or tech services definitely want an MLS. Am I screwed? I'm planning to apply anyway, but would this hurt my chances later?

Bonus question: anybody here ever worked for a library vendor or for an ILS company? If so, how was your experience?

Thank you all for any help you can provide me. I found out the bad news Thursday and panic is starting to sink in.

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same video, different course


I'm a cataloguer in a UK university library.
I'm tidying up some of our A/V records and haven't a great deal of experience with MARC. I'm trying to find a tag for 'this item is also catalogued as...'.
Background: a video made for one course was subsequently used in another and has a bib record for its existence in both courses; the two records are broadly the same apart from the 110 fields which contain the course codes as well as the university name. (However one has a 525 tag pointing to a transcript but the other doesn't, hence the usefulness of linking them.)
I thought 535 looked promising at first glance but realised it's not suitable as both items are in the same repository. Then I considered 776 but ruled it out as the physical format is not different. Anyone know what I should use?
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